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Fully-ground precision inserts, RADSTAR inserts feature two flutes with accuracy between each flute within +/- .00025. Advanced micro-grain carbide technology allows the end user to run RADSTAR inserts at the slower speeds as seen on Bridgeport mills, typically found in every tool room, or at the extremely high milling speeds of CNC Machines found in many die and mold shops around the world.

Choose between a superior TaAIN-coated insert capable of handling heavy machining needs, or a non-coated insert where heat and insert break-down is not a factor. RADSTAR offers sixteen inserts, with a radii sizes ranging from .010 to .375. With RADSTAR , each series of four different radii inserts will fit into one holder, providing end users with big cost savings.

RADSTAR offers an economical alternative to multi-pocketed corner rounding tools or conventional high speed steel or cobalt corner rounding tools found on the market today.

Mini-Series Inserts

.750 Series Inserts

1.000 Series Inserts

1.250 Series Inserts

Jumbo Series Inserts

Radstar II

45° Chamfering Tool Inserts

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Counter-Sink Tools

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